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Great Kitchen Gift Items

The Toast Tongs

These dandy Toast Tongs are the perfect way to avoid the burnt fingertips that are so often the by-product of removing toast, muffins or (the worst of all) bagels from a blazing toaster! They can be made via one of two methods. However, no matter which method you select, the sides of the tongs should be no thicker than 1/8" for maximum ease-of-the-squeeze!

Method # 1: One-Piece, Band or Scroll Sawn Method
Although this approach uses a single piece of wood and requires no assembly, if you don't take your time when cutting out the waste, you'll eventually use up all those time savings sanding the insides of the legs smooth.

With this method, start by laying-out the drawing on a piece of wood. For added efficiency, begin with a 12-1/8" long by 7" wide piece of 3/4" thick stock and create a layout for 10 tongs on one piece of stock. Use Double-Stick Tape to assemble a 7-high stack of workpieces for “Pad Sawing” on your Bandsaw and you'll have 70 sets of Tongs when you've finished. If you prefer, you could also use your Scroll Saw to “Pad Saw” a 3-high stack of workpieces.

First, drill your 5/8" diameter holes, then saw out the waste, followed by the outer shape. Use your Belt Sander or Disc Sander to smooth the outer edges and a 1/2" diameter Drum Sander to smooth between the legs.

Method #2: Three-Piece Assembled Method
With this approach, you'll spend a little more time cutting out the single pieces and assembling them...but a lot less time sanding. It may be a trade-off. However, the nifty thing about this approach is that you can use contrasting woods for the arched Top and Legs.

Start with 3/4" thick by 1-1/2" wide strips of wood (length of your choice) for the arched Tops. Lay out the centerpoints for the 5/8" dia. holes that form the inside arch of the Tong Tops. Lay your Tops out so that when you crosscut each Top off your strip (after drilling), you'll be leaving a 5'8" wide Top insert, to which you'll attach the two Legs.

Next, resaw and rip 3/4" wide by 1/8" thick strips for the Tong Legs...then crosscut them to 6-1/4" lengths. Glue and clamp them to the sides of the arched Tops and allow to dry overnight.

Use your Belt Sander or Disc Sander to round-off the Tops. Bevel the Tong tips slightly and apply the finish of your choice. We recommend a non-toxic Salad Bowl Finish or Preserve Oil Finish.

Suggested retail prices (depending on woods used and finish):

Calculator $10 to $15
Toast Tongs $5 to $8

* (Available at your local Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse or hardware store)


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