8 Best Vertical Pellet Smoker Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy the best pellet smoker to boost your outdoor cooking experience to the next level, there are many best vertical pellet smokers on the market for your outdoor cooking needs.

Every outdoor cooking lover knows how to get rich and delicious barbeque,
The answer is to cook your meat with a vertical smoker which is also known as an upright smoker. A pellet smoker grill is the most inventive item to add into your kitchen appliance.

If you are thinking where to buy the best vertical smoker,
Stop worrying about that !
Because now you can buy the best vertical BBQ smoker’s model from almost every grill brand, and the competition between these brands has moved the evolution that has made them easy to operate and adaptable, also able to grill, smoke, roast, and bake your meat more efficiently.
Like its name, this type of grill pellet smoker produces maximum heat and smoke in a vertically upward direction towards your meat.


Pit Boss 77435 LP

  • MODEL : 77435
CMI Multi-Functional

  • COLOR : Black
Char-Broil Deluxe



Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Char-broil 19202101 Deluxe Black Digital Electric Pellet Smoker
Brand : Char Broil Model : Deluxe Black Color : Steel Power Source : Corded Electric Item Weight : 58.7 Pounds Check On Amazon
Barton Vertical 18″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker With Temperature Gauge
Brand : Barton Model : Vertical 18 Color : Black Power Source : Charcoal Item Weight : 40.7 Pounds Check On Amazon
Pit Boss 77435 LP Gas Best Vertical Pellet Smoker
Brand : Pit Boss Model : 77435 Color : Red Power Source : Propane Item Weight : 52 Pounds Check On Amazon
Smoke Hollow PS40B Propane Best Vertical Smoker by Masterbuilt
Brand : Masterbuilt Model : Smoke Hollow Ps40b Color : Black Power Source : Propane Gas Item Weight : 454 Grams Check On Amazon
Bradley Smoker BS611Best Electric Pellet Smoker
Brand : Bradley Smoker Model : Bs611 Color : Black Power Source : Electric Item Weight : 25 Kg Check On Amazon
Boleefun Charcoal BBQ Pro. Heavy Duty Best Vertical Pellet Smoker
Brand : Boleefun Model : Vertical Water Smoker & Grill. Color : Black Power Source : Charcoal Item Weight : 18.46 Pounds Check On Amazon
CMI Multi-function Barbecue And Charcoal Smoker Grill (14 Inches)
Brand : Generic Model : CMI Color : Black Power Source : Charcoal Item Weight : 25 Pounds Check On Amazon
King Kooker 4010060 2113-low Pressure Best Vertical Pellet Smoker With 30″ Cabinet
Brand : King Kooker Model : 4010060 Color : Multicolor Power Source : Propane Item Weight : One Size Check On Amazon

Smoke Hollow PS40B Propane Best Vertical Smoker by MasterBuilt

Smoke Hollow PS40B Propane best vertical pellet Smoker by MasterBuilt

If you are a beginner to the technique of smoking meat at home, you should need a little help to make sure you choose the right offset vertical smoker for you. Where to begin when there are so many different options.

For example :

Charcoal Smokers, Electric Smokers, Gas Smokers.

We make it easy for you to choose from the best smokers, the finest smoke brand Master Built launched a newest model named Smoke Hollow PS40B which the smoke experts have been claiming to be the best vertical pellet smoker so far. Master Built is far away from having enough marketability.

The main reason which makes it finest in the market is it’s features, Our research team mention these features.

Suppose you are interested in buying this gas pellet smoker for yourself, you would be looking to know how it works. This gas vertical smoker includes four chrome coated smoking racks, 15,400 BTU stainless steel burner, Push Button ignition lights burner quickly and easily, Four Legs add height for easy access and adjustable air damper for moisture and smoke control.

This upright pellet smoker has a large space to cook all of your meat, as well as top mark heat control. Even if you are a new user you can easily operate this vertical smoker grill also it comes with vertical smoker cover.


NAME : Propane offset vertical Smoker
BRAND : MasterBuilt
MODEL : Smoke Hollow PS40B
COLOR : Black
POWER SOURCE : Propane Gas
ITEM WEIGHT : 454 grams
ITEM DIMENSIONS : 21.26 x 29.13 x 43.5 inches
FUEL TYPE : Liquefied Petroleum Gas
WARRANTY : 1 year


  • Four chrome coated smoking racks.
  • Allows you to cook 4 to 5 meals
  • This smoker ignition light burner operates rapidly.
  • 3.4 cubic inch cooking capacity
  • Adjustable Air damper for moisture and smoke control.
  • Easy to use electric button ignition
  • Gas control dial 
  • Wood chip space 
  • Smoker is Easy to move 
  • Durable manufacture

Barton Vertical 18″ Charcoal Vertical Smoker With Temperature Gauge

Barton Vertical 18" Charcoal best Vertical pellet Smoker With Temperature Gauge

Our researcher provides the complete guideline and vertical pellet smoker review so you can buy yourself a best grill pellet smoker that can smoke all types of foods. This charcoal vertical smoker from Barton is indefensible.

You can smoke all types of meats, as well as vegetables and even cheese with this Barton 18” vertical charcoal smoker also this is the best smoker for brisket. This Barton 18 smoker grill is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a variety in one product.

The 18 inch size provides you with a huge area of smoking. The two steel wire racks have enough space for you to smoke all kinds of foods from different types of meat to vegetables. Also you can use it for grilling, barbeque, roasting, and steaming as well.

Functioning the Barton 18 charcoal vertical smoker is very easy like counting to three. First, you directly light the charcoal and add some wood chunks. Second, fill the water tank. And third, fill the steel wire racks with your food. It is easy to go unless you want to control the temperature and smoke to your desire.

The structure of the smoker allows even issuance of heat. Two pairs of air dampers are constructed to provide maximum amount of Heat control by only rotating the top on the dampers allowing required heat to be released while controlling the temperature within the cooking chamber


MODEL: Vertical 18 charcoal smoker
COLOR: Black
ITEM WEIGHT : 40.7 pounds
ITEM DIMENSIONS : 21.75 x 23.5 x 42 inches
FUEL TYPE : Charcoal


  • Made from iron, steel
  • Can be use as a fire pit
  • Adjustable barrel gills
  • Dual air vent system
  • Vertical hinged door
  • Two steel wire racks
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Two different heights for grilling and smoking

Bradley Smoker BS611Best Electric Pellet Smoker

Bradley best vertical pellet Smoker BS611Best Electric Smoker

Today the Bradley company makes lots of different Smoker models, The Bradley Smokers BS611 vertical Smoker is one of the best smokers that Bradley Smokers produced.

It represents the idea of the Bradley company of making high quality outdoor smokers for every grilling and smoking passion out there. This Bradley model is great if you are just getting started smoking on your own. It is really easy to use and much affordable appliance for your outer kitchen

This Bradley smokers model features a powder epoxy steel construction. so, you can guarantee that this model is still a robust outdoor unit for smoking food. Meanwhile, its interior is stainless steel and iron.

For the temperature maintenance and cleaning, this type of material works best. The electrical components of this pellet smoker tube experienced some improvements in their stability and severity.

The Digital control of this smoker grill makes sure that your time in using this vertical smoker would always be a breeze.

This vertical smoker will do everything on its own, and your participation won’t be necessary at all. It will take the smoker less than 3 hours to perfectly cook your food and saturate it with that perfect rich and smoky flavor.

This smoker comes with an attractive and very durable exterior and stainless steel interior. This smoker features four racks that are enough to cook food for any sized function.

Each rack can easily accommodate two full racks of ribs, shoulders of cow, briskets, and whole chickens. And for all the munificent load capacity, the smoker is still flatten and as big as a medium sized fridge.


BRAND : Bradley Smoker

MODEL : BS611 

COLOR :  Black



ITEM DIMENSIONS : 34 x 20 x 18 inches

FUEL TYPE :  Electric


  • Excellent Temperature Control
  • Reliable Set and Forget Option
  • Subject to ambient temperature
  • 4 racks 11″ X 13″ cooking space each
  • Special briquette adding control.
  • Two heating element (150 watts) (500 watts)
  • separate burners for generating smoke and oven heat
  • Fully insulated for desire cooking temperature 
  • full digital controls for ease of use
  • Polished Stainless Steel interior

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Boleefun Charcoal BBQ Pro. Heavy Duty Best Vertical Pellet Smoker

Boleefun Charcoal BBQ Pro. Heavy Duty Best Vertical Pellet Smoker

Boleefun Smoker Pro has an innovative 3 layer design, the bottom layer is used to hold charcoal, or other applicable fuel. The top two layers are designed for meat with your favorite seasoning.

For restaurant taste, cook your favorite fish or seafood on the first layer and meat (chicken/turkey legs or steak skewers on the second layer.

Boleefun Smoker Pro has a portable size, however, large cooking area for ample amounts of food. The diameter of the grilling pan is 14.6-inch and our vertical smoker features 2 cooking racks, with 36 inch height. Big enough for 4 to 5 BBQ chicken.

Our pellet smoker grill can be broken down into multiple parts easily and stored in the trunk of most cars, and can be quickly assembled for parties, camping, seaside barbecue, beach, backyard, etc. Perfect accessories for your next camping trip.

Boleefun Smoker Pro has a built in thermometer, and an adjustable air vent, accessible from the outside door, and a cover on the top. Designed to help you control the temperature while cooking with the combo grill smoker cooker.

The Boleefun charcoal vertical smoker BBQ pro gives you a lifetime guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these products or need any help, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a full guideline according to your smoker model.


BRAND : Boleefun

MODEL : Vertical Water Smoker & Grill.

COLOR : Black

ITEM WEIGHT : 18.46 pounds

ITEM DIMENSIONS : 19 x 14.6 x 14.5 inches

FUEL TYPE : Charcoal


  • Three  Layered design and Dual function.
  • Vast cooking space.
  • Thermometer and  Adjustable air vent.
  • Safety and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not so heavy. 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Can cook two meals at a time.
  • Ideal grill temperature.

CMI Multi-function Barbecue And Charcoal Smoker Grill (14 Inches)

CMI Multi-function Barbecue And Charcoal best vertical pellet Smoker Grill (14 Inches)

Charcoal grills range in size from small portable versions to upright smoker models and large ones to feed a whole crowd. Small smoker grills are easier to operate, but large grills are ideal for cooking large amounts of food at once.

Many smaller pellet grills are big enough for 1 to 4 persons and are good for the from time to time griller, meanwhile the average 22 inches smokers work well for the families who grill often also this one is the best smoker for hanging sausages.

The basic vertical charcoal smoker grills are round. Their shape inspires coals to be centered on the bottom below the jar to create indirect cooking surfaces around the outer edge.

There are rectangular charcoal grills, Some are small, but most are larger capacity. Because of its large cooking space this model is famous as a commercial pellet smoker.

They allow more clear cooking zones to be produced, and they are more similar to gas grills, which some people find comforting from a similarity point of view.

If you are simply looking to cook a quick dinner on a charcoal smoker grill, no need to invest in anything costly. All you need is a simple model with enough cooking space for your desired occasion.


BRAND : Generic


COLOR :  Black

ITEM WEIGHT : 25 pounds

ITEM DIMENSIONS : 16.2 x 16.1 x 14.9 inches

FUEL TYPE :  Charcoal


  • Perfect for BBQ, Fish and many more
  • Perfect  for smoking to achieve powerful smoke flavours
  • Not so expensive smoker
  • Perfectly design for outer kitchen
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Can use as a fire bowl
  • Can easily bake pizza etc.

4 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTION :  for barbecuing meat, fish and much more.

1)Integrated thermostat for cooking to perfection 

2)Easy to set up and convert 

3)Easy to transport and move thanks to the handles

4)Barrel shape promotes the chimney effect for quick heating up 

5) Robust and durable Multi-function drum BBQ grill Easy assembly/Easy cleaning/Multi function

King Kooker 4010060 2113-low Pressure Vertical Pellet Smoker With 30″ Cabinet

King Kooker 4010060 2113-low Pressure Best Vertical Pellet Smoker With 30" Cabinet

Nothing even comes close to the flavors of foods smoked outdoors in the King Kooker Heavy Duty Low Pressure Propane Smoker.

Great for camping and tailgating! Beef, chicken, pork and fish all smoke to perfection in this vertical smoker’s large 30-inch cabinet. Tight fitting and locking door latch seal the heat and smoke inside the cabinet for maximum flavor.

On the smoker door a large temperature gauge and two heat saving viewing windows eliminate unnecessary door opening when checking the cooking progress.
Included are two sliding cabinet racks and removable porcelain plated water and wood chip pans.

The unit includes an easy start Piezo Lighting system, 16,000 BTU steel burner and low pressure listed LP hose and regulator with type 1 connection.


BRAND : King Kooker

MODEL : 4010060

COLOR : Multicolor


ITEM WEIGHT : One size

ITEM DIMENSIONS : 16 x 17 x 32 inches

FUEL TYPE :  Liquefied Petroleum Gas


  • Large 30″ smoking cabinet
  • removable porcelain plated water pan and wood chip pan 
  • 16,000 BTU BTU steel burner.
  • Piezo lighting system
  • 2 Sliding cabinet racks
  • CSA Design Certified
  • Piezo lighting system
  • Heat-resistant tight sealing door latch
  • large temperature gauge and two heat saving viewing windows 
  • Low pressure UL listed LP hose & regulator
  • Affordable price tag
  • Easy to operate and cleaning

Char-broil 19202101 Deluxe Black Digital Electric Pellet Smoker

Char-broil 19202101 Deluxe Black Digital Electric best vertical Pellet Smoker

Char Broil is a massive outdoor cooking brand that produces everything from gas grills to turkey fryers. While the company sells many kinds of pellet smokers including traditional barrel smokers and propane smokers.

Making your first foray into the world of outdoor electric smokers can be a bit tricky for a beginner, but there really is no better place to start for brand name quality than the world-renowned Char-Broil electric smoker!

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is mostly ready to go out of the box. We followed the simple instructions, placing a few items including the trays, water pan, and firebox inside the unit. The 725 square inches of cooking space are spread out over 4 chromed racks, each large enough for a full rack of ribs.

The design and aesthetics set this large pellet smoker apart from most grill-style barrel and electric pellet smokers. It looks much more like a wine fridge than a traditional upright smoker, and this makes it feel more like an appliance and less like a grill.

The height of the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker isn’t ideal for the average-sized BBQ chef, with the lowest shelf sitting less than a foot off the ground.



MODEL : Deluxe black

COLOR : Steel

POWER SOURCE : Corded Electric

ITEM WEIGHT : 58.7 Pounds

ITEM DIMENSIONS : 32.5 x 18.1 x 16.5 inches

FUEL TYPE :  Electric


  • 725 square inches of cooking space
  • Double-steel wall insulation
  • Internal Meat Thermometer Probe included
  • Remote Control
  • Wheels on bottom make it easy to move
  • simple interface
  • Compact enough for small spaces
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Glass door to monitor your meal

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Pit Boss 77435 Lp Gas Vertical Pellet Smoker

Pit Boss 77435 Lp Gas Best Vertical Pellet Smoker

This Pit Boss 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker has a low and slow focal point with a lower temperature range of 100 to 350 degrees F.

You will fall in love with the superior red exterior of this LP gas smoker and the inside offers 3 removable porcelain coated removable racks.

The dual burner or dual valve system generates heat to 800 square inches of cooking area, with stainless steel burners that offer 12,500 total BTU.

Moreover, this Pit Boss 77435 LP Gas smoker includes a large front window to avoid continuous food control, and the uplifted frame makes transferring your meals from smoker to the table like a piece of cake.

No additional tools and devices are needed – this Pit Boss LP smoker is helpful and produces all you need.

The bigger surface you will have you need to clean it and it takes time, Moreover, this LP gas smoker at least gives you more ease compared to the other charcoal pellet smokers.

We can give you one tip to make it easy to clean. Make sure to rub the greasing deposits after every smoking session.

Overall, this Pit Boss Vertical LP Gas Smoker is an amazing deal and reasonably priced. Also this is the best smoker for beginners. Your investment will definitely go far and boost your smoking experience to a new level of deliciousness.



MODEL : 77435



ITEM WEIGHT : 52 Pounds

ITEM DIMENSIONS : 21.5 x 23 x 47 inches

FUEL TYPE :  Liquefied petroleum Gas


  • Cooking space 800 square inches
  • Outside access to wood chip drawer and grease tray
  • 100-350 degree Fahrenheit temperature range
  • Sustainable stainless steel burners- 13500 BTU Total
  • lightweight 52 pounds
  • 2 Rear wheels for easy transport
  • Large viewing window
  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable interior 
  • Not much expensive 
  • Temperature Controller 
  • Dual valve/dual burner system

How Does A Vertical Pellet Smoker Work?

Vertical pellet grills and smokers are basically wood burning cookers, which are fueled by pellets made from compressed wood chips. The pellets are linked to a fire pot, where an electric heating element explodes them at start up.

The fan feeds air to the fire pot to start and keeps it burning hot. That fan cycling is done with a thermostatic controller and the constancy or speed of the pellets distributed to the fire pot and they both help to maintain the temperature inside the smoker.

The fire pot is fitted in the center of the grill at the bottom, and it is kind of small. Upper side of the fire pot there is a large metal plate that diffuses the heat and spreads it smoothly. Most of the pellet grills will have some way to open up the center of the diffuser to produce more direct heat.

One of the basic advantages of pellet smoker grills is how they generate and maintain temperature. More expensive models do this with a digital proportional integral derivative controller.

The P.I.D handles a control loop that constantly calculates the difference between the set temperature and the current measured temperature and then it occupies a correction.

Less expensive pellet grills or smokers use a basic controller, with planned auger and fan speeds and intervals based on your desired temperature. Models like these will diverge more from the set temperature.

Our Research team found that the manufacturers technically placed heat sensors on the side of the grill which is closest to the operator, a little bit above the grates. But that’s typically not where you are cooking.

And they cannot put it where you are grilling or smoking. So there will repeatedly be a difference between what you see on the control panel and where the meat or vegetables are.

However, wood pellets fuel the grill, the temperature controllers and auger feed systems require electricity to operate.

Vertical Pellet Smoker Vs Horizontal Grills

The Vertical pellet smokers are opposed to horizontal smoker grills not only in appearance and style but also in how they cook the meat, fish, vegetables or whatever you want.
Vertical smokers are specially designed to smoke and roast the meat but they cannot grill because the heat origin is usually away from the meat box.

On the other hand, The Horizontal pellet smoker grills can smoke, bake, grill, and some also offer direct flame for broiling. The Vertical pellet smokers are known to be perfect meat smokers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vertical Pellet Smoker?

There are many different models of vertical smokers or dual combo grills available in the market but before purchasing a smoker grill combo or vertical smoker you should consider how you will use it and how much you are spending for your desired pellet smoker.

Then you should look over the features of the device so you are not missing something you wanted. You wanted a glass view of the pellet hopper or built in digital thermometers, or a beefy looking.


If you just started making your own juicy roasted meat then you should go for the cheap electric pellet smoker. But if you are good on a budget then you should buy Pit Boss Vertical LP vertical smoker because in the opinion of our team, this is the best smoker for beginners.

CMI Multi-function Charcoal Smoker Grill is the best commercial pellet smoker because it works very fast and there is a lot of space inside it.

Pit Boss 1100 pro series pellet grill is the largest pellet smoker available in the market. The opening grilling space in this smoker is 1100 square inches and with the help of an instruction pad you can become a grilling master in an instant.

In the world of smokers, vertical pellet smokers are considered superior because you can roast your food away from the smoke and heat. Vertical smoker comes with lots of options where you can cook different foods at the same time and you can also control the time from the pad. On the other hand horizontal smokers are good for bbq and grilling and some also offer direct flame broiling. You can cook turkey or cheddar cheese in it.

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