Designing A Kitchen (An Expert Guide Of Top 6 Kitchen Styles)

Here are some important tips about designing a kitchen from the experts, now you can design your kitchen on your own.

Dark Theme Kitchen Design.

Renovating is not an easy task to do by yourself, that’s why people hire professionals to renovate their houses. Moreover, Renovating is a much expensive thing and this is not a space you can afford to get wrong.
But if you want to design a kitchen, a room, or a complete house, with your own idea. You should follow the expert’s guidelines. So, the chances of having any blunder will be reduced.

Whether, you have a plan to design a kitchen on your own. We can help you with the complete guideline from professionals.

We spoke to some professionals and thankfully, they provided all the needed information and some major key points.
These basic critical points will be helpful for you in this whole process from beginning to end.

14 Pro Tips About Designing A kitchen-With Some Modern Kitchen Designs.

Beautiful Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the one room of the house that you are going to use every day. Whether, you’re a gourmet chef or someone who just likes to zap it in the microwave.
you got to eat every day.

So, the kitchen has got to be laid out really well. To make sure that, it could serves you well as you interact with it every day. So let’s get into what it takes to design a kitchen that works.
When you are designing a kitchen, you should actually think about that person who’s living in that kitchen and what needs to happen in that kitchen to prepare a meal.
Instead just walk through this exercise with them. And I think you’ll realize that where things are placed, should be logical and should flow based on how you cook.

When you’re cooking a meal, the first thing you probably do is go to that place where food is stored.
Whether it’s a pantry or the refrigerator, you go and grab the ingredients you needed to prepare a meal. And then you take all those things in your hand and you have to drop them somewhere, right.?

This is what we call a landing zone. That’s why, you’ve got to have the space to be able to drop those ingredients on your landing zone, and that landing zone should be pretty close to where you’re going to begin to prepare that meal.

Vegetables on Landing Zone.

Here are some basic elements that you should keep in your mind while planning a kitchen project.

Finalize Your Budget

The first and the most important point for designing a kitchen. Is the total budget that you are going to spend on the project. After finalize your actual amount you can clearly make a portfolio of the kitchen design that you want to apply.
Budget clearance will help you to concentrate on your decided design and make you stick to it.
Overall, your kitchen required a lot of work. For example: kitchen layout, lighting, Coloring, kitchen cabinets, plumbing, and that work required a lot of money.
So, first of all finalize your budget first then go for the next move.

Design Your Idea

The second important part is designing your idea. Which means what you have in your mind you have to write it down on paper. It is very important to turn your idea into written form. Because when you note down all your points, you can easily analyze them.

As if, some points were missing or counted twice. You can add or remove them before finalizing your complete kitchen plan.
However, if you keep your ideas in your mind and do not turn them into written form. You may forget something important that can ruin your whole kitchen plan.

Select The Kitchen Type

Selecting the kitchen type is a critical point. You should choose what type of kitchen will be suitable to your conditions and match to your kitchen space.

There are several types of kitchen

  • One-Wall Kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen
  • L shape Kitchen
  • U Shape Kitchen
  • Paradise Kitchen
  • Open Kitchen
  • Outdoor Kitchen

Moreover, these kitchen types can be customized in accordance with your kitchen size. Like, in a small or a large space as you got.

Evaluate Kitchen Space

Evaluating your kitchen space is important of this process. Logically, when you realize your actual work area, you can easily consider all the possibilities you can apply. While preparing the kitchen layout you should know the correct measurements.

It will become easier for you to draw your favorite kitchen design according to the sizing.

Using Kitchen Space

beautiful Kitchen design
landing zone in kitchen

After evaluating your kitchen space. The next important point is how are you going to use the total space? And which place is suitable for the stove, fridge, or for the water tap. Your whole project deeply depends on your available space. So, think twice and utilize the whole available space.

Moreover, If you feel it is difficult to manage the space, then you should consider some suggestions from the experts.

Decide Storage Area

Counter Space
storage area in kitchen

The next important thing for designing a kitchen is storage space. In this part, you can make plenty of storage on the lower and the upper cabinets. And got a huge pantry server that must be convertible for other utensils.

But even after the cabinet, you can have the lower end of the Sink area, where you can keep some fragile things and make sure, those spaces should be super smart and great components for storage for all the things you need on a daily basis.

You should consider drawers and not a whole lot of doors in the kitchen. That’s because drawers actually store more and have more usable space than a typical door front cabinet.
There you can store pots, pans, and lids, you can install an adjustable and customizable peg system that will allow you to store things neatly.
You can design an organizational system on the upper drawer that will store all of your cooking utensils.

Finalize Kitchen Layout

Designing a kitchen can mean a lot of things. It can mean everything from, where your cabinetry sits, what colors you can use, countertop space, to the placement of your kitchen appliances.

The biggest hurdle that a lot of people face, is where do we start? Well, it should be start from the workflow and movement throughout a kitchen space. It’s not just for your kitchen but how your house will flow into your kitchen space.

The flow within the kitchen, typically starts with the sink and that’s what I would refer to, and what most professionals refer to as the working triangle.
The working triangle space allows movement between the fridge, range, and the sink. However, it has sort of a triangular shape in nature.

Because at the end of the day, you need to be able to move efficiently and quickly between these three main work stations in order for your kitchen to truly be functional.

Want your kitchen to look awesome? you don’t need to sacrifice looks and design, in order to have a fully functional kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Design

After finalizing your kitchen layout, now you have a complete idea about how your kitchen is gonna look and feel. Now. in the next part, you have to concentrate on kitchen cabinets. their perfect place, and cabinet style that can suit your whole kitchen design, and available space.

First. You have to decide the portion where you want upper cabinets.
Second. Which cabinet style will match your requirements.

There are a lot of cabinet designs that you can go with, as per your decided space. So, select the cabinet design that makes perfect use of that space.

6 different Cabinet Styles

Wall Cabinet

Base Cabinet

Corner Cabinet

Pantry Cabinet

Sink Base Cabinet

Kitchen Accessory Drawer

Counter Space

Kitchen Counter Space

There should be a fair counter space in the kitchen. Because the countertop is a very needed and useful area, that can be used for many different purposes. Like cutting the vegetables, keeping the juicer machine, and other kitchen stuff.

Generally, your countertop is the roof of your base cabinets.

Space For Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Space For Appliances
kitchen space for appliances

If you have a large kitchen area you should make some separate space for your kitchen appliances. Like an Electric or Gas stove, Refrigerator, Oven, cooking utensils, and other appliances.
On the other hand, if you have a small kitchen area and don’t have separate space for kitchen appliances.

Even though, You should try to avail yourself a maximum space for your appliances.

Useful Place For Water Tap

Sink Area
Sink Space Area

The water tap is the most important part of the kitchen. Every kitchen needs a sink portion, where can clean kitchen utensils and other major relative stuff. 

So, keep it in mind and make some serviceable space for a sink while designing a kitchen.

Choose The Best Kitchen Colors

Kitchen Colors
Beautiful Kitchen Colors

This is also an important part of making a successful kitchen design. Because bright colors combination creates the perfect look and make a great impact. So, think wisely before choosing the kitchen color combination.

Suitable Kitchen Lighting

Bright colors can be considerable. Because it will makes your small and congested kitchen looks big. But now in many new constructed kitchens, they employ different colors.

Nevertheless, White lights are recommended. Because it will look cool and feels satisfying.

Pick The Best Kitchen Floor

kitchen floor colors
kitchen floor colors idea

Just like everything you choose for your kitchen to make it comfortable and convenient. Equally kitchen floor deserves the maximum consideration. Choose the best version of it and should be matching with other interiors.

It will enhance the whole look of your kitchen.

Some Suggested Kitchen Appliances For Completing Your Design

Types Of Kitchen-Top 6 Kitchen Layouts

We have discussed the typical 6 types of kitchens that are generally found in every house.

Single Wall Kitchen

Single wall or one wall kitchens are very popular for small kitchen spaces.

In this kitchen type, all the cabinets and appliances are stuck with a single wall to save maximum space. This kitchen style is very famous and most of the newly constructed homes with open floor areas have been using single wall kitchen design

Single Wall Kitchen Design.

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel or double-wall kitchen style is basically a double-wall design that has all the cabinets, appliances, and water tap parts. Generally, the walls are opposites and make a triangle look. There is a free space in between where you can move easily.

This kitchen style is more dashing and enhances the kitchen’s look.

parallel kitchen style

L Shape Kitchen

The L shape or open kitchen is the most ideal kitchen style because of its shape. This is one of the most popular and highly flexible for many different sizes and for efficient workflow. This style allows efficient space for cabinets, appliances, and easy movement in the kitchen.

U Shape Kitchen

U shape or galley kitchen style is very common and functional. In this type, the cabinets are installed in U shape. In both U and L shape style, you can construct a paradise area to increase more useful space, like for vegetable cutting, cooking, dining, and for keeping the small kitchen appliance

U shaped kitchen style

G Shaped Kitchen

G shape is the most beautiful kitchen style and this type is more kind of a U shape style because in G shape there is an extension of the fourth peninsula wall for additional storage space. This peninsula extension also enhances the beauty of the whole kitchen and also you can use this space for different purposes

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is not very common but many big houses have an outdoor kitchen area. On holidays or a little gathering with family members, you can cook outside and enjoy your meal under the sky.

Where you can use the portable appliance for cooking. 

For example, vertical pellet smokers, BBQ grills, Portable stoves, Juicer machines, etc.

Outdoor Kitchen Style

6 different Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets style makes a great impact on the whole kitchen look. So, think twice while choosing the cabinet style, color, or place while designing a kitchen.

Wall Cabins
Wall Cabinets

Base Cabins
Base Cabinets

Sink Base Cabins
Sink Base Cabinets

corner cabinets design
Corner Cabinets

accessories drawer
Accessories Drawers

pantry cabinets design
Pantry Cabinets